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Cogeco Diffusion’s Traffic Radio 940, the best possible use of the 940 AM frequency

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Cogeco Diffusion’s Traffic Radio 940, the best possible use
of the 940 AM frequency
Montréal, October 17, 2011 In hearings before the Canadian Radio-television and
Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), Cogeco Diffusion stated that it holds the key to the
best possible use of the 940 AM signal. Cogeco Diffusion plans to use the frequency to air
Traffic Radio 940, an English-language radio station 100% dedicated to traffic, road work and
weather in the Greater Montréal area. Traffic Radio 940 would become the English-language
counterpart to Francophone Radio Circulation 730, on the air since September 6.
The licence application was submitted after Cogeco Diffusion and the Ministère des Transports
du Québec (MTQ) last May announced an agreement to put a French-language and an English-
language dedicated traffic radio station on the air to cover the Greater Montréal area.
Subsequent to that, the CRTC elected to study different licence applications for frequencies
690 AM and 940 AM, which had been unused since January of 2010. The current public hearing
is being held for this purpose.
“Our French-language station, Radio Circulation 730, on the air for barely six weeks, fills an
important need and this is borne out by resounding results. Our studies show that the need is
just as great on the Anglophone side and that’s why we want to provide an equivalent service to
the English-speaking community in the Greater Montréal area,” said Richard Lachance,
Senior Vice President of Cogeco Diffusion.
In fact, in a survey
carried out among Greater Montréal Anglophones by Substance Stratégies,
98% of respondents believed that the traffic problems in Montréal are very or quite significant
and 85% stated that they would certainly or probably tune in to a new traffic information radio
station. Furthermore, 66% of the Anglophones surveyed stated that they never listen to French-
language radio and 80% believe it is natural that Anglophones should have access to a traffic
radio station because Francophones enjoy that service.
To support its application for the 940 AM frequency, Cogeco Diffusion submitted with its file a
report written by Yves R. Hamel et Associés
to the effect that 940 AM, like 690 AM, is the only
signal that would meet the technical prerequisites for a radio station intended for the population
of the Greater Montréal area at all hours of the day and night. None of the other signals
available on the AM band have the necessary power to reach people on the road throughout the
Greater Montréal area and have to operate on reduced power between dawn and dusk, which
means during rush hours in fall and winter.
Survey carried out by Substance Stratégies between September 14 and 16, 2011 on behalf of Cogeco Diffusion,
targeting 841 Anglophones from the Greater Montréal area aged between 18 and 64 who use a motor vehicle at
least once a week.
Analysis by Yves R. Hamel & Associés
of possible alternative frequencies.
“Our licence application complies in every aspect with CRTC radio licensing criteria: it fulfills a
real and urgent need for the Anglophone population of the Montréal area and enhances the
diversity of the radio offering without interfering with the other radio services present in the
market. Fall and winter are the worst times of the year to be driving on the roads. The more time
goes by, the more urgent the need becomes. That’s why we respectfully request that the CRTC
render its decision as quickly as possible," Mr. Lachance concluded.
Cogeco Diffusion, one of Québec’s largest radio broadcasters, is a subsidiary of COGECO Inc.,
a diversified communications company with subordinate voting shares listed on the Toronto
Stock Exchange (TSX: CGO). Cogeco Diffusion operates thirteen (13) radio stations across
Québec: Rythme FM, CKOI FM, 98.5 FM, 92.5 The Beat and Radio Circulation 730 AM in
Montréal, FM 93 and 102.9 FM in Québec City, CKOI FM in Ottawa-Gatineau, CIME-FM in
Saint-Jérôme, Rythme FM and CKOI FM in Sherbrooke and Rythme FM and CKOI FM in
Trois-Rivières. Cogeco Diffusion also operates Cogeco News, one of the biggest news agencies
in Québec with outreach of close to 30 independent and community radio stations.
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Information: David Crête
Director, Communications and Marketing
98.5 FM