Strategy for growth

More than 65 years of history, dedication and growth

Cogeco is a growing competitive force in the North American telecommunications sector with a legacy of over 65 years. We enjoy a unique and enviable position as the only broadband services company with a significant presence in both Canada and the United States. Today, we are the second largest cable operator in Québec and Ontario and the eighth largest cable operator in the United States where we operate in 12 states.

We continue to grow our footprint through network investments to help address the digital divide between large urban centres and regional areas as well as through targeted acquisitions in areas where we are positioned as a consolidator of regional cable operators. We are focused on delivering great customer experiences and developing our communities. We are proud to serve our customers with locally-based teams, to contribute to the connectivity needs of our communities as well as to invest in their social and cultural life.

Cogeco, it's a bond that is here to stay!


Listen to our customers’ needs and deliver a distinctive customer experience that provides value for money.


Empower our employees and invest in their development and well-being thus enabling them to grow and thrive.


Contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the communities we serve through focused initiatives meeting the needs of our communities.


Generate strong and continuous shareholder returns on investment.


Build strong relationships with our suppliers and create mutual benefits through innovation, collaboration and state-of-the-art commercial practices.

Growth Pillars





Shared Values

Seek and embrace innovation
Customer Commitment
Put customers at the heart of all our actions
Collaborate with our colleagues and partners to drive synergies and a culture of excellence
Foster a respectful workplace where integrity, trust and inclusion are the norm
Social Engagement
Have a positive impact on our communities and the environment