Investor Relations

In business for more than 65 years, we are a sound diversified communications and media company focusing on internal and external growth.

Our balance sheets are solid and healthy, due primarily to continued growth in revenue, adjusted operating income before depreciation and amortization (“Adjusted EBITDA”) and free cash flow. We maintain a prudent financial leverage (net Indebtedness/Adjusted EBITDA), which makes it possible to support our internal and external growth strategy. Our innovative management team takes a bold, disciplined approach to managing the business and seeking growth opportunities in order to create long-term value for our shareholders.

Investments highlights

Through our subsidiary Cogeco Communications Inc., we continually improve our service offering in the cable/broadband services sector to maximize growth by investing in our networks and equipment as well as in new technology.

  • Cogeco Connexion's strong Canadian cable operations provide stable growth, industry leading adjusted EBITDA margin and leverages superior Internet speeds in a large part of our footprint. Cogeco Connexion is well positioned to partner with governments to expand connectivity in underserved and unserved areas and pursue its growth.  
  • Breezeline's successful U.S. cable expansion strategy has resulted in robust organic growth in our largely regional markets with fragmented competition and one of the U.S. industry's highest adjusted EBITDA margin. Breezeline has an opportunity to expand in adjacent regions with a good growth profile and attractive demographics. 

    On January 10, 2022, the subsidiary announced a full rebrand, changing its operating name to Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband). The name change reflects the segment's commitment to an easy and convenient customer experience, while better representing the segment's geographic reach and full product breadth.

Through our subsidiary Cogeco Media, we own and operate 22 radio stations throughout the province of Québec and one in Ontario.

  • Radio, with solid programming aligned with listener and advertiser tastes, aims at gaining market share, and maximizing profitability.

Our strong financial performance includes attractive margins, strong free cash flow and dividend growth of over 10%. We practice prudent financial management with a history of reducing leverage following acquisitions.