Board Committees

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Audit committee

Chair: Samih Elhage
Members: Robin Bienenstock
  Normand Legault

​​The Audit Committee is established by the Board for the purpose of overseeing the accounting and financial reporting processes and audits of the consolidated financial statements of the Corporation.

Human resources committee

Chair: Caroline Papadatos
Members: Mary-Ann Bell
  James C. Cherry

The Human Resources Committee serves in the role of compensation and human resources committee.

Corporate governance committee

Chair: Mary-Ann Bell
Members: James C. Cherry
  Caroline Papadatos

​​​The Corporate Governance Committee is broadly responsible for development and oversight of corporate governance practices within the Corporation to facilitate effective operation of the Board and its committees as well as good practices on the part of individual Board members. The Committee also participates in the nomination process for Directors.

Strategic opportunities committee


Normand Legault (CCA/CGO) 

Members: Robin Bienenstock (CGO)
  Pippa Dunn (CCA)

Samih Elhage (CGO)

  Joanne Ferstman (CCA)
  Bernard Lord (CCA)
  Frédéric Perron (CCA/CGO)

The Strategic Opportunities Committee shall have responsibility for i) assisting the Board in assessing strategic opportunities or acquisitions for the Corporations and their subsidiaries; and ii) overseeing or conducting retrospective reviews of major acquisitions or divestitures. It includes members of the Board of Directors of Cogeco Communications Inc.