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Cogeco Diffusion will carry
Montréal Canadiens games through 2014
Montréal, May 26, 2011 – Cogeco Diffusion today announced the signature of an agreement with the
Montréal Canadiens, extending their all-game radio broadcast contract for two years, through the end
of the 2013-2014 season.
The announcement comes just before the beginning of the final year of the contract granting Cogeco
Diffusion French-language radio broadcasting rights to all Montréal Canadiens games. The renewal will
allow hundreds of thousands of listeners in Montréal, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Québec City,
Saguenay, Abitibi, Rimouski, St-Georges-de-Beauce, Sudbury, Lac Mégantic and Témiscamingue to
continue following their favourite hockey team during regular seasons and the playoff series through the
end of the 2013-2014 season.
“We’re thrilled to be renewing our contract with the Canadiens organization. The Montréal Canadiens
are one of the most prestigious professional organizations in the world of sport and Cogeco Diffusion is
proud to be among its preferred partners,” declared Cogeco Diffusion Radio Senior Vice President
Richard Lachance.
“We’re delighted to continue our partnership with Cogeco Diffusion,” said Geoff Molson, Chairman of
the Board of Directors and owner of the Montréal Canadiens. “This new agreement demonstrates the
confidence and enthusiasm of the Canadiens’ organization in sharing a solid business relationship with
Cogeco. Across the province, the Habs’ legions of fans will be able to enjoy hearing the games on the
stations of Cogeco’s network as well as its affiliate stations for several years to come.”
“Our broadcast team does an outstanding job – Martin McGuire and Dany Dubé this fall will be heading
into their eighth season of play-by-play commentary and game analysis. And our listeners recognize
that, because on average, 265,000
of them tune in in Montréal alone, according to the latest PPM
data,” Richard Lachance concluded.
Cogeco Diffusion is a subsidiary of COGECO Inc., a diversified communications company with
subordinate voting shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CGO). Cogeco Diffusion
operates thirteen (13) radio stations across Québec: Rythme FM Montréal, CKOI FM, 98.5, The
Q92.5 FM and CKAC-AM in Montréal, FM 93 and 102.9 FM in Québec City, CKOI FM Gatineau in
Ottawa-Gatineau, CIME-FM in Saint-Jérôme, Rythme FM Sherbrooke and CKOI FM in Sherbrooke,
Rythme FM Trois-Rivières and CKOI FM Trois-Rivières in Trois-Rivières, making it one of Québec’s
largest radio broadcasters.
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Information: Marie Carrier
Director, Corporate Communications
Tel.: 514 764-4761
Source: BBM Surveys, August 30, 2010 and April 24, 2011, total coverage, T2+, CHMP and CKAC.