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Amendment to the Banking Arrangements of COGECO Inc.
Montréal, December 17, 2007– COGE CO Inc. (“COGECO”), announced that o n December 14, 2007 the
Company concluded an a m ended and restated credit agreement with a group of four Canadian banks led
by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (“CIBC”), which will now act as agent for the banking
syndicate. The annually renewable thre e-year amended credit agreement establishes a revolving credit of
$50 million to which may be added a further credit of $25 million under certain conditions. The amended
credit agreement maintains certain finan cial commitments with the same security by COGECO, its
subsidiary Cogeco Radio-T elevision Inc. and indirect subsidiary Cogeco Diffusio n Inc. As at August 31,
2007, $25.5 million of COGECO’s revolving credit had been used.
COGECO posted a guara ntee for a maximum amount of $12 million in favour of CIBC, which is also TQS’
banker, in the event of any default by TQS under the terms of its own credit agreement. TQS’ credit
agreement provides security over its assets, including its accounts receivable. If the guarante e were to be
called in, COGECO would be subrogated to the rights of CIBC and benefit from the same security.
COGECO is a diversified communications company. Through its Cogeco Cable subsidiary, COGECO
provides 2,486,000 revenue-generating units (RGUs) to 2,343,000 homes passe d in its Canadian and
Portuguese service territories. Through its two-way broadband cabl e networks, Cogeco Cable provides its
residential and comm ercial customers with Analogue and Digital Televisio n, Hig h Speed Internet as well
as Telephony services. Through its Cogeco Radio-Television sub sidiary, COGECO holds a 60% interest
and operates the TQS network, five TQS television stations, and three French CBC-affiliated television
stations in partnership with CTV Television (40%). Co geco Radio-Television also wholly owns and
operates the RYTHME FM radio stations in Montréal, Québec City, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke as well
as the 93
station in Québec City. COGECO’s subordinate voting shares are listed on the Toronto Stock
Exchange (TSX: CGO). The subordinate voting shares of Cogeco Cable are also listed on the Toronto
Stock Exchange (TSX: CCA).
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