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After Gatineau and Saguenay, now Abitibi! The Rythme FM network continues to grow!

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After Gatineau and Saguenay, now Abitibi!
The Rythme FM network continues to grow!
Montreal, December 16, 2014 Cogeco Diffusion Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cogeco Inc. (TSX: CGO),
is very pleased to announce that it has signed an affiliation agreement with RNC Media Inc. in a move that
will bring Rythme FM to the Abitibi region.
CHOA radio will become Rythme FM’s seventh station in March 2015! Residents of the Abitibi area will be
able to tune in to Rythme FM, Canada’s #1 music station, on 96.5, 103.5 and 103.9.
Of course, the programming will include the same music and shows that Rythme FM is known for. Listeners
in Abitibi will be happy to hear their favourite stars on their new local Rythme FM station. Over the lunch
hour, the dynamic duo Mitsou Gélinas and Sébastien Benoit will serve up the finest music from the 1980s
and 90s,. On the drive home, listeners in Abitibi will end their day with Véronique Cloutier and her Véro
“This new affiliation with Rythme FM allows us to offer the Abitibi market a new choice and the very best
in radio listening. By combining local talent with popular personalities, Rythme FM is going to be a sure hit
in the area,” said Raynald Brière, President and Chief Executive Officer of RNC Media Inc. “What is an
excellent product today will become an outstanding product in March. We remain committed to offering our
listeners and our hosts the best radio programming in Quebec.”
Richard Lachance, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cogeco Diffusion Inc., is equally pleased with the
arrangement. “We are delighted to have come to this agreement, which will make it possible for Rythme FM
to gain three stations in less than six-months. The Abitibi area has been in our sights for quite some time
and adding an Abitibi station to our network is important for us. We’re thrilled at the prospect of connecting
with locals and we’re proud to offer them the quality music and talented hosts that Rythme FM is known
There’s a new station in Abitibi: Rythme FM 96.5, 103.5 and 103.9. It’s sure to make waves in the region.
In the next few weeks, the people of Abitibi will GET CAUGHT UP IN THE RHYTHM!
Cogeco Diffusion, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cogeco Inc. (TSX: CGO), owns and operates 13 radio stations
across Quebec with varied programming and complementary content serving a wide range of audiences. It
also owns and operates Cogeco News, the largest private radio news agency in Quebec. In addition, it
operates Cogeco Métromédia, a firm that specializes in advertising on public transit.
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Source: Rythme FM Programming
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