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Corporate Social Responsibility


Take part in developing our employees

We are committed to taking part in the development of our employees and we do so on a daily basis. By being true to our values and our CSR pillars, we have earned a solid reputation as a good employer and a trusted community partner. Cogeco’s joint workplace health and safety committees are responsible for conducting health and safety inspections, identifying and communicating workplace hazards, safe work procedures, and all safety compliance information as required under occupational health and safety regulations. Beginning in fiscal 2019, a portion of our executives’ variable compensation is linked to the Corporation’s employee engagement and health and safety results. All teams at Cogeco are tasked with proactively contributing to engagement, motivation and ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

Our commitments
Improve our global workforce engagement score.
Cogeco’s global employee engagement score increased by 12 points compared to fiscal 2019.
Improve participation rate in the global workforce engagement survey.
The participation rate remained the same as that of fiscal 2019.
Maintain a frequency of workplace-related incidents below industry averages in the jurisdictions where we operate.
In fiscal 2020, our frequency of lost-time accidents per 200,000 hours worked was 0.59 (weighted average for Canada & U.S.), well below the industry average in the jurisdictions where we operate.
Ensure at least 35% of women at a managerial level and above by 2021.
At the end of fiscal 2020, 36% of positions at the managerial level and above were occupied by women.
Employee retention

Our employee retention efforts include offering comprehensive compensation packages to attract and retain high calibre employees, conducting periodic engagement surveys to identify our potential areas of improvement and offering an Employee Assistance Program that offers short-term counseling services to employees who face personal problems.

Diversity & inclusion

Through the Cogeco Women's Network, partnerships with different associations, training, and cultural celebrations, we strive to integrate diversity and inclusion into all our actions. Cogeco has incorporated diversity and inclusion into the balanced scorecard of specific business units. Cogeco has also put in a place a Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Committee to prioritize and drive accountability around equity, diversity and inclusion.

% of men and women in management in fiscal 2020