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Manage our environmental footprint

We are committed to progressively reducing our environmental footprint. In order to do so, we are implementing best practices and aim to go beyond regulatory requirements. Our focus areas are energy consumption and GHG emissions, energy efficiency of products and services, waste and paper management. We constantly monitor our environmental performance and have established commitments related to our most significant environmental topics.

For more details on our commitment to fight climate change, please see our Climate Action Plan and TCFD report.

Our commitments

Reduce our absolute scope 1 (direct) & scope 2 (indirect from the consumption of electricity) emissions by 65% by 2030 from 2019.

In fiscal 2020, we achieved a 17% reduction in our scope 1 & 2 emissions vs 2019.
Perform a more comprehensive calculation of our scope 3 (value chain emissions) by fiscal 2021.
We have completed a comprehensive calculation of our scope 3 (value chain) emissions.
As signatories, comply with the Canadian Energy Efficiency Voluntary Agreement (CEEVA) for set-top boxes. Also, comply with the standards of the United States Set-Top Box Efficiency Voluntary Agreement (STB VA) by 2022.
During 2019*, 86% of set-up boxes purchased in Canada complied with CEEVA standards. In the U.S., although we are not signatories of the STB VA, 55% of our purchased set-top boxes complied with the standards set by the agreement.
Ensure that 100% of applicable facilities have an e-waste management strategy in place by the end of fiscal 2020.
An e-waste management strategy is in place for 100% of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and office equipment at our facilities.
Ensure that 40% of customers receive electronic bills by the end of fiscal 2019.
In fiscal 2020, 56% of Cogeoco's residential customers received electronic bills.
*Voluntary agreement compliance is measured on a calendar basis by a third-party. The last available report corresponds to 2018 compliance.
Carbon reduction enablers

According to the “SMARTer 2030 ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges” by GeSI and Accenture report, the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) could result in the avoidance of emissions representing almost 10 times those generated by the ICT sector. ICT, including products from the telecommunications industry, can enable a 20% reduction in global carbon emissions by 2030, holding emissions at 2015 levels. We are helping to dematerialize the economy by virtualizing services and substituting higher-emission products or services for lower-emission ones. For example, our telephone conferencing and e-commerce services are reducing business travel. E-billing and e-ticketing are reducing paper usage.

2020 GHG emissions by scope
Our scope 3 (value chain) emissions

We have completed an initial comprehensive calculation of our scope 3 (value chain) emissions.  In fiscal 2020, value chain emissions represented over 80% of our total emissions footprint.  Because of this, our overall science-based emissions reduction target includes targets to drive emissions reductions across our value chain. 

Renewable energy

In fiscal 2020, we began the implementation of our strategy to increase the use of renewable energy in our operations. This included the purchase of over 9,000 MWh of clean energy through Renewable Energy Certificates and a green utility tariff in Virginia. 

Progress towards our science-based emissions reduction target

Investment in renewable energy, combined with various fuel and energy efficiency initiatives across our fleet and network, resulted in a 17% reduction in absolute scope 1 and 2 emissions in fiscal 2020 compared to 2019. We are currently tracking ahead of our target pathway.

Absolute GHG emissions

Scope 1: direct emissions from owned or controlled sources

Scope 2: indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity

For more information on how Cogeco identifies and manages climate-related risks and opportunities, ​​​​please read our CDP report here.
Our fiscal 2020 GHG emissions limited assurance report covering 94% of our scope 1 & 2 emissions is available here.
Our fiscal 2019 GHG emissions limited assurance report covering 93% of our scope 1 & 2 emissions is available here.

Managing our electronic waste

The equipment we provide to our customers is collected, tested, repaired or refurbished, and redeployed. Equipment that can no longer be redeployed is resold or recycled. We have recently partnered with Computers for Success, an organization that refurbishes and distributes computers to schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous communities and eligible low-income families. By donating office equipment, Cogeco will contribute to delivering improved access to technology for Canadians at risk of digital exclusion.

Paper consumption reduction

Since fiscal 2017, we have more than doubled the electronic bills sent to our customers and we plan to continue increasing this percentage.

% of customers who received electronic bills

Electronic billing sign up CCX
Electronic billing sign up ABB