About Cogeco Media

Cogeco Media, one of Québec’s largest radio broadcasters, operates 13 radio stations across Québec as well as Cogeco News, one of the province’s largest news agencies.


The Rythme FM network operates a flagship station in Montréal, which remains number one among women in the Numeris ratings. With an on-air presence right across Québec, the Rythme FM network primarily targets women between 25 and 54 with a pop music format that offers the greatest musical variety on the market. Featuring hosts popular throughout the province, its programming forms the backbone for the entire network. Well-known local hosts enrich that lineup with regional content.

98.5 FM in Montréal, Québec City’s FM 93106.9 FM in the Mauricie region, 107.7 FM in Estrie and 104.7 FM in the Outaouais are all part of the largest private talk radio network in Québec. The format strengthens each of these stations’ local mandates while simultaneously allowing them to benefit from the breadth of the cross-Québec network.

Montréal’s 96.9 CKOI, with its music and trendy, funny, authentic and informed programming, is the most-listened-to radio station among young adults aged 25–34.

Radio Circulation 730, on the AM band, is solely dedicated to traffic and roadwork in the Greater Montréal area. It clearly meets a need for all road users.

In Québec City, MFM is the second-place musical station among women aged 35 to 64 according to surveys run in Québec City. Its unique sound caters to adults aged 35 to 64 and makes it a favourite among listeners in the city.

CIME is "Le Rhytme des Laurentides" (the Rhytme station of the Laurentians). Its contemporary music format and deep community roots make it number one among women in its market.

The Beat 92.5, the group’s only English-language station, is Montréal's most listened-to English-language music station. It strives by playing a wide range of music for mostly female listeners aged 25 to 54.


Numeris, PPM, winter 2016 (November 30, 2015 to February 28, 2016), Monday to Sunday 2 a.m.-2 a.m., Montréal franco or anglo, CFGL, CKOI, CKBE, F25-54, T2+, A25-34.

Numeris, Diary, fall 2015, Monday to Sunday 5 a.m.-1 a.m., St-Jérôme, Québec, CIME, CFOM, F35-64, F12+.

Cogeco Force Radio Inc.

Cogeco Force Radio (CFR), owned by Cogeco Media, provides access to a powerful network comprising some of Québec’s top-performing, most complementary and most diverse radio stations. They include the stations owned by Cogeco Media, those belonging to Leclerc Communication and Attraction Média and RNC MEDIA. CFR also offers access to a network of websites linked to the radio stations it represents, and offers clients integrated sales service, with access to a full multidisciplinary team that provides ad consulting, research and media creativity resources.

Website: (in French)

Cogeco Nouvelles

The Cogeco news agency, Cogeco Nouvelles, is the information provider for all of the stations operated by Cogeco Media and has also established strategic relationships to provide many other radio stations with national and international news. Cogeco Nouvelles is heard throughout most of Québec.