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Corporate Social Responsibility


Maintain a sound culture and strong corporate governance practices as enablers of value creation

The Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors reviews Cogeco’s CSR policy and related performance. In addition, the CSR Steering Committee meets on a bi-annual basis to review objectives, progress on initiatives and key performance indicators. Cogeco has implemented formal Ethics and Anti-Fraud programs which are overseen by the Corporate Governance Committee and the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. A formal online training on the Code of Ethics is mandatory for all employees.

Our commitments
Remain in the top tier of family-controlled dual-class companies listed on a Canadian stock exchange.
Currently in the top tier of Canadian family-controlled dual-class companies according to The Globe and Mail’s Board Games corporate governance rankings.
Ensure 95% of employees are trained on the Code of Ethics.
At the end of fiscal 2019, more than 95% of our employees were trained on Cogeco’s Code of Ethics.
Systematically investigate all fraud reports submitted through the Cogeco Ethics Line.
In fiscal 2018 and 2019, all fraud reports submitted through the Cogeco Ethics Line were investigated.
By fiscal 2020, all of Cogeco's contracts with top suppliers must acknowledge Cogeco’s Supplier Code of Conduct or Cogeco must have approved the supplier’s CSR standards.
At the end of fiscal 2019, 80% of the contracts with top suppliers included the acknowledgement of the Supplier Code of Conduct or Cogeco had accepted their CSR standards.
Monitor the social and environmental performance of 100% of our top suppliers by fiscal 2020.
A technological tool has been selected to successfully start monitoring our top suppliers in fiscal 2020.

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