Cogeco Communications

Community Involvement


Building community cohesion through our local television channels in Canada

Cogeco’s community television channels, YourTV in Ontario and NousTV in Québec, are a powerful tool for our communities to access television programs of local interest. Our 37 YourTV/NousTV channels produce and broadcast accessible, local programming that is focused on the needs and aspirations of the communities.

Programming on YourTV/NousTV is produced with the assistance of volunteers who help drive the content of our stations. It’s television for the community, created by the community! Our volunteers contribute their time and talent while gaining valuable production experience. In addition, YourTV/NousTV staff are community leaders who use their influence to contribute to building a sense of community.

Our community channels are funded by a regulated percentage of gross video revenues. In fiscal 2019, the value of television production services offered by YourTV/NousTV free of charge and the amounts that these services raised amounted to more than $7 million.