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The 1Cogeco Community Involvement Day took place on September 25, 2021. The theme chosen by employees for this year is Planting Roots in Our Communities, with tree planting events organized across all the regions we serve in Canada and the United States.

The tree planting activities emphasize our commitment to taking part in developing our communities and managing our environmental footprint, key pillars in Cogeco’s Corporate Social Responsibility program. In addition to their positive impact on the planet, trees help beautify our surroundings and provide food and shelter to wildlife, among other benefits.





In 44 communities,

2 countries, 2 provinces

and 7 states


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1Cogeco Community Involvement Day 2021 in pictures

Near Montreal, local Cogeco teams from the Head Office, Cogeco Connexion and Cogeco Media planted trees, threw seed bombs and cleaned footpaths on Mont Rougement, in collaboration with Association du mont Rougemont and Nature-Action Québec.

In Trois-Rivières, a group of Cogeco Connexion employees planted 20 trees at Estelle Lacoursière Park with their families, in collaboration with 3R Durable.


Atlantic Broadband employees planted trees at elementary, middle and high schools in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina and Florida. This was made possible thanks to a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation