Corporate Social Responsibility

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Cogeco Inc. has engaged in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) process aimed at operating responsibly and sustainably and being a model of good corporate citizenship. Concretely, this means we seek to integrate practices that improve the environmental and social impacts of our operations, while ensuring the Corporation’s continued development.

Our CSR policy integrates our corporate social responsibility objectives articulated around six pillars:

1. Managing our environmental footprint

2. Taking part in developing communities

3. Taking part in developing our employees

4. Integrating the best CSR practices

5. Being transparent in communicating our CSR activities

6. Ensuring the Corporation’s growth sustained by a solid corporate governance foundation

We believe our corporation is already contributing to sustainable development in many key areas. Supported by an emerging corporate social responsibility management structure and a sound corporate governance framework, we expect to improve our performance going forward in line with the expectations of our stakeholders, our corporate values and our business objectives.


To learn more about Cogeco’s objectives, initiatives and performance in the areas of corporate social responsibility, please consult our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

This report provides a comprehensive view of our sustainability performance, including many successful initiatives to reduce GHG emissions associated with our waste, facilities and fleet management. These and other initiatives had a positive impact on our financial results. 

Previous reports (from Cogeco Communications):


Cogeco is pleased that Cogeco Communications has been named to Corporate Knights’ The Future 40 Responsible Corporate Leaders in Canada and Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada, as well as the Jantzi Social Index several times in recent years. This is a significant recognition of our efforts in the area of corporate social responsibility.