Cogeco Communications



As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Cogeco Communications supports the cultural, social and economic life of the communities in which it operates through donations and sponsorships.

“Powerful connections for our customers. Genuine connections with our customers.”

This is Cogeco Communications’ mission. Day after day, Cogeco Communications strives to live this mission by applying its five core values – respect, trust, team work, innovation, and commitment to customer service.

Cogeco Communications supports a wide variety of social contribution activities beyond providing services, that aim to address the needs of communities in regions it serves and help them realize projects that are important to them and that reflect Cogeco Communications’ corporate values. 

Whenever possible, Cogeco Communications gives financial and/or technical support to people and organizations who submit a request. However, because of the number of requests received, difficult choices must be made. 

Cogeco Communications' sponsorship and donation program focuses mainly on four areas:

  1. Culture
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Environment

Every year, as a partner of the communities it serves, Cogeco Communications supports people and events. Cultural activities and events, social/health organizations and environmental initiatives are the core focus of Cogeco Communications’ sponsorship and donation program. 

To request a sponsorship or donation

No sponsorship application will be accepted by phone.

Organizations seeking a sponsorship or donation must send their request by mail, by email or by submitting the online form below. They must also attach any other documents in support of their request.


The organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Is a well-known, fiscally responsible, respected organization that provides a service of perceived value to Cogeco Communications’ communities. Organizations operating in a field targeted by Cogeco Communications shall be preferred.
  • Is apolitical and non-sectarian and meets all legal and regulatory requirements, including Cogeco's Code of Ethics, and human rights, health and safety, and environmental codes
  • Is well aligned with Cogeco Communications' business and values of respect, trust, team work, innovation, and commitment to service.
  • Shall provide the level of recognition and profile that adequately reflects the level of Cogeco Communications’ commitment
  • In cases where Cogeco Communications is committed to a major contribution over many years, our policy is to honour this committment and to refuse all requests from organizations we already support.


  • Commercial, political and religious groups or institutions
  • Requests to sponsor an individual (sporting events, scholarships, personal assistance and other)
  • Events or organizations outside Canada
  • Feasibility studies
  • Personal travels and excursions

Review and decision process

A minimum of 30 days is required for the review of donations and sponsorship applications made by eligible organizations. Applications are assessed on a monthly basis.

Cogeco Communications cannot guarantee it will accept the donation or sponsorship application of an eligible organization and reserves the right to approve requests at its discretion. Cogeco Communications does not guarantee that the same organization or event will be accepted. Donations and sponsorships are not renewed automatically. A further review is necessary if a renewal application is submitted.

The high number of requests and budget issues may require Cogeco Communications to alternate between organizations from one year to the next.

At any time during the review process, Cogeco Communications may request information it deems necessary to complete the application and make recommendations.